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The story of Marlenka

When Gevorg Avetisjan asked his sister Hasmi in 2003 to bake his favorite cake using a traditional family recipe, he had no idea that it would change his life. He brought this Armenian delicacy to the café of his friend and he called him that same evening: “The cake was gone immediately. Bake one more, or better ten! “ This is how MARLENKA®️ was created. A traditional ancient Armenian miracle made of honey, named after the mother and daughter of the founder of Marlenka. Today, Marlenka products are exported to 46 countries around the world. None of the products contain preservatives or artificial colorants. You can find more information in our CATALOG.

Marlenka® Honey rolls
Marlenka® Honey cakes
Marlenka® Honey tart
Marlenka® Honey tart
Marlenka® Pachlava
Marlenka® Honey tart
Marlenka® Honey nuggets
Marlenka® Napoleonky
Marlenka® Honey cigars
Marlenka products

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